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Terms and Conditions…


All sales are final. If you are unsatisfied with your photos, we will work something out on a case by case basis.  It is my goal to provide you with photos that you will love and treasure through the years.

Your images will remain on file for 6 months should you find that you need to reorder.

Emotive Imagery reserves the right to alter, publish and print all images and photographs.

All clients are required to sign a model release form prior to their session.

Prices Are Subject to change without notice, If prices change AFTER you pay for your session, you will not be charged or refunded according to the updated price.  All photos are copyrighted and owned by Amethyst Underwood and Emotive Imagery and may not be used without the express, written permission of the photographer. It is illegal to scan, copy, edit, alter, or reproduce copyrighted work and is punishable by law. Please DO NOT submit any of my photos/work to contests.  No exceptions.

What to expect during your shoot…

I will always arrive a little bit early… I like to look around and get a feel for things before we get started.  It is important that I find the best light for your shoot.  Whether on location or in your home, I want to create a casual and comfortable atmosphere that is fun for you and your family. Don’t force yourselves to smile or pose… simply be yourselves and have fun…this will allow me to capture real moments that your family will always treasure… instead of cold and lifeless forced portraits.

Photo sessions usually last 1 to 2 hours.  With newborns or young children, we may need to take breaks for feedings/snacks or diaper changes so I like to keep things more fun and casual.  NO PRESSURE!!!

A typical session will include a variety of images, including natural smiles, candids and some very casually posed portraits where groups are involved.  Usually within 2-3 days of our session I will post a couple teaser images on the blog and Facebook for you to see.  Feel free to tag yourself in these images, but they will be low resolution, watermarked images… please do not download them.

What to wear…

To maintain the focus on you and/or your child, I suggest clothing that is simple and free of patterns and logos. Bright colored clothing, denim, khaki, and bare feet are best. For children, bring a hat or favorite object to incorporate into some of the photos. You do NOT have be 100% coordinated as a family (i.e. all blue shirts and Khaki pants) but many families love this look.  If you don’t plan on coordinating, just make sure that one person doesn’t stand out over the rest because of what they’re wearing.

Those expecting new babies are encouraged to schedule the newborn session prior, but close to the birth. This will ensure availability, but will be worked in where ever possible. Newborn sessions should be done with in 3 -15 days of birth while the baby is still sleepy.

Refer a friend!

If you refer a friend and they pay for a session in full, you get 25% off your next session… You can do this as many times as you like so send all your friends!  If enough of them fulfill their bookings, you could get a free session!

I have a new rule… I will NOT shoot “Ugly” people. Miss Jen posted a very inspiring blog about her experience with senior portrait clients bullying fellow students. You can read it here:
That being said, I am adopting her policy. If for some reason, it comes to my attention you are ugly on the INSIDE… your shoot will be cancelled and your deposit will be refunded. Please remember, everything you put on the internet, no matter how private you think it is… is there for the world to see. It might be through a friend of a friend, but eventually, someone is going to see it and karma will come around and bite you. Kindness, respect and common decency are ALWAYS rewarded as far as I am concerned.

What does Home/Location Mean?

Home/Location refers to the place where your photos will be taken.
I own a portable studio and I don’t mind traveling. I give you the option
Of any location in Oregon and Washington, including your own home.
I know that many families are simply just too busy to load up and go somewhere
and small children are usually the most comfortable in places they are familiar with.
This makes for a much smoother and more relaxed session.

What is a Comp Card?

A Comp Card is kind of like a business card for models.
You choose several of your best images and put them on a large card with your name,
Contact information, and location. They are used just like business cards in that they are a
Key ingredient in marketing yourself as a model. Many agencies keep comp cards on file and
Reference them when looking for a new employee.

Do you have a Studio?

I do not have a solid, in house studio. Because we have VERY recently moved back here (home), I have yet to set up any kind of permanent studio. However, I am happy to bring my portable studio equipment to any location of your choosing, indoors or out – even your own home or yard. …also, Feel free to have your friends and family around. I know it can be uncomfortable to have a stranger in your home… even for a brief period. When doing an in home shoot I will most often bring an assistant to help keep things organized and expedite the set up and tear down of the studio equipment.

When will I get my Photos and CD?

That really depends on the editing and printing options you have chosen. Wedding packages take much longer than regular packages because they have so many more photos. Editing takes time so special orders will take longer than raw orders. The average turn around is 30 to 60 days, but again, this can vary greatly depending on what you order. When CDs and Print packages are shipped, you can expect it to take longer than if they are picked up in person.

When do I pay for my Session and Photos/CD/etc?

All session fees are paid in advance. CDs are paid for prior to shipment or delivery. Prints will NOT be sent out for order until paid for IN FULL. This prevents stacks of unclaimed/unpaid print orders piling up in my files.

Will I get to preview my Images?

Absolutely!! As I work on your images and any editing you ordered, I will post finished previews here on Facebook. You will have to “like” the page to see them but no other action is required. When your images are completed, a proofing gallery will be set up for you to order prints and other products from. This Gallery will be protected by a password that you can choose to share with friends and family who may also want to purchase prints of your photographs. These proofing Galleries are only available for 30 days and ALL print orders MUST be made within this time frame in order to prevent further surcharges.

Can I make my Own Prints?

Yes, if you purchase a High Resolution, Digital Image CD, you will be given a copy of the print release to read and sign. My rules are clearly stated on the release and once signed, a copy will be added to your photo CD. This way, whenever and where ever you decide to print or copy your images, you have it right there with you. Most printing locations require this release and may ask you to fill our a form. This release is not offered with all packages and may cost extra. Under NO circumstances what so ever, are you allowed to edit your images in any way. DO NOT DO IT.

Can I tag myself in my preview images here in Facebook?

The simple answer to this is, YES! In fact, Please do! Tag yourself, tag your friends, family… feel free to tag anyone you’d like.

10 Tips to Plan a Stress-Free Portrait Session with Kids

1. Have an extra outfit.
It’s always a good idea to have an extra outfit or two to reduce frustration with wrinkles or an unexpected accident. Another outfit will also provide more variety to the “look” of your portraits.

2. Try on outfits in advance.
Be sure you like how your child looks in the outfits before the day of your session. If an outfit is too large or small, your child may be uncomfortable and you may not like the look in the finished portrait.

3. Have a favorite toy or blanket.
At any age, having a favorite item will help your child feel more comfortable and relaxed. These items canalso be a used to personalize the portrait or assist in telling the story of a particular event, milestone or interest.

4. Schedule a time that works.
The best time to schedule your child’s portrait session is after naps and meals. Your child will be rested and ready to play, making “picture day” a great experience for both of you.

5. Avoid high-traffic days.
Days that are otherwise full of activities are not the best days for a portrait session. Try to book your session on a day with fewer activities.

6. Know what you want.
Prepare for your session by thinking about poses and photo packages. Make a list. That way, you won’t be stressed and you’ll remember to tell your photographer everything you need.

7. Have a “goodie bag.”
Having drinks, snacks and hairstyling items can go a long way toward making sure your session goes smoothly.

8. Bring in reinforcements.
Don’t hesitate to have a family member or friend who can assist you with outfit changes, snack retrieval, and bathroom breaks.

9. Don’t be shy!
Before the session starts, let the photographer know your expectations for backgrounds, expressions, and poses. This is also the perfect time to share what type of interaction your child prefers, such as games, toys, or noises.

10. Stay calm.
When you’re at your best, your kids will be at their best! If you are calm, relaxed, and having a good time, your child will be, too.

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